We're here to restore dignity.

  • Feel Good.

    Our t-shirts provide comfort and confidence, allowing you to feel good about your fashion choices and your contribution to empowering formerly incarcerated women.

  • Look Good.

    Redefine fashion - where style meets social impact. Wear our tees proudly, knowing you're making a statement of solidarity and supporting women's second chances.

  • Do Good.

    Join us in making a real difference. Each purchase from The Bright Factory directly supports formerly incarcerated women, providing them with opportunities and hope. Your choice can change lives.

A Word From Our Founder

I've worked in the fashion industry for over a decade. I've been a part of the glitz and glamour. But, I also saw the seedy underside of the fashion industry. Endless production leading to endless consumerism. Production completed by workers who are underpaid, overworked, and working in unethical conditions. I recognized the industry stole dignity and I saw women in my own city who deserve dignity to be restored.

This is when The Bright Factory was born.

T-shirts, while simple in design carry profound significance in every fiber and stitch.  Every t-shirt has a person behind it.  A person who matters. This is bigger than one company, this takes a collective effort. This takes all of us. 

Meghan Forest Farmer,
Founder + Lady - In - Charge

Meet The Team

Patricia, Lead Sewer